iZombie - Season 3 Episode 10 - Return of the dead Guy

So, how many of you have already watched the new iZombie Episode
"Return of the dead Guy"?

If you haven't, I can say that I've always loved iZombie since the start, but this episode definitely is a huge highlight; even if Blaine doesn't even sing in this episode.

I didn't manage to work much at the page, but added info about:

+ David at "Hell's Kitchen" in 2014 (Projects > Appearances on TV > Page ONE)

For those of you, who are still unsure if to watch the new iZombie episode or not, here you can find some nice info about the episode:

+ DEN OF GEEK - Review Return of the dead Guy

+ Extended Trailer - Return of the dead Guy

I apologize for not being able to offer more today, but I am currently working on the Media part of the web and will try to get this one filled by the end of the week!
I also work on a photo gallery.

So stay tuned, Updates aren't far away! ;)

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