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If you don’t follow ILFAL_COM on Twitter, all the updates being announced today will be new to you.
If you don’t follow you will probably want to follow after this post anyway! ;)

To celebrate one month of ILieForALiving.Com, I am holding a little #ILFAL_GIVEAWAY on Twitter!
+ The Giveaway is open world wide
+ Everyone can participate
+ There are 3 nice prizes waiting for those participating
+ Winners will be chosen randomly using an online tool so everyone has the same chance

What do you have to do to participate?
1. Follow ILFAL_COM on Twitter
2. Use the Hashtag #ILFAL_GIVEAWAY in your posts
3. Tell me your story considering David – where did you meet him? How did you discover him first? What is your first role of him?; submit your Fanarts or Fotos or show me your Fancollection.
Let your ideas run wild!

No matter how many entries you submit though, everyone has only one ticket to be put in the lottery.

The prizes and more details can be found clicking on the following links:

What else has been new around the web? I’ve added
+ 2x New Fanarts in the Fancorner
+ 1x Wallpaper in the Media Section
+ 1x New Affiliate
+ Updated the Credits + Added a new Date in Dates

And considering David?
+ You might not want to miss the latest issue of the Geeky Monkey Magazine (Number 22), since it contains a nice article about David as Blaine
Follow THIS LINK TO ORDER THE MAGAZINE (you can order worldwide!)

+ David seems to be on vacation at the moment and is attending the Gigs of Brendan Hines and David Poe these days
Check their Twitter Accounts for updates
+ Brendan Hines
+ David Poe

+ There will be a special Q&A with the iZombie Cast, including David at San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 21st / 11:15AM - 12:15PM)

+ The thing that made me probably the happiest living creature this week: got a shoutout from David on Twitter!

Last but not least, I want to remember everyone to please take a second to sign the Musical Episode Petition for iZombie during Season 4!
Just click this Banner:

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