I may have seemed lost...

...but I wasn't at all!
Sometimes I am just too busy to update the news section here. So once again the advice:
If you want the most recent and daily news about David, follow ILFAL_COM on Twitter!

Now, let's have a look at the updates, shall we?

+ A Convention Special was added - so far it is only SDCC17, but I will try to work on the side project as often as possible
+ Takezo Kensei / Adam Monroe character description was added (Projects > TV Appearances > Page 2)
+ New Affiliate iZombie Brasil
+ Page about the new page mascot Funko Blaine DeBeers (Main > Page Mascot)

On another note, the #ILFAL_GIVEAWAY on Twitter ended, and the winners that randomly got picked already have been informed. The prizes are on the way since Saturday.

And what about David?

+ Lately he has been very, very active on his INSTAGRAM Account!
You should definitely check it out daily for updates!

+ BBC Social had a little interview with David, which was shared on Twitter and can be found

+ The iZombie cast is little by little arriving for filming season 4!
Filming should start coming week!
- TWITTER UPDATE - Blaine City Center

Promise! I'll make sure to update more also on the main page from now on!
Sometimes many things happen without me announcing it, that's all! ;)
Stay tuned!

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