August comes & August goes

As already mentioned in my last post, unfortunately the website often gets Updates and I don't manage to announce them in time - so again the advice to catch up with the most recent and daily news about David ILFAL_COM on ILFAL's Twitter!

+ I didn't have the time to work more at the Convention Special yet, but therefore added a Photo Gallery
I am still adding pictures whenever I find the time to, but since I try to quote all the sources and photographers you can imagine it might take some time to add shootings little by little.

Filming Season 4 of iZombie continues, and the cast keeps spreading little updates on Twitter.
Recently Malcom shared a Photo of himself with David on set.

On another note, David himself asked the #FAnders to become active and support friends of him, the band Melville, since their entire equiment and instruments got stolen recently.
If you want to help them out, you can check out their Go Fund me Page:

GoFundMe Melville Band
If you have no money to help them out, make sure to spread the link so people who can help out hear about the campaign, too!

Moving on to a less serious, but definitely hot topic...

We also got a quite sexy shooting delivered by David himself, taken by the talented Tyler Shields, including David and his beautiful girlfriend Devin Kelley
+ Shoot 1
+ Shoot 2

Regarding #ILFAL itself, the page just recently reached 200 Followers on Twitter!
Keep in mind I will do another #GIVEAWAY once the page reaches 300 Followers! ;)

I am currently preparing another graphic update for the page and will make sure to write again coming Sunday!
So, see you with the next update, #FAnders!

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