Hello again

As usual I can only hint at @ILFAL_COM on Twitter for the most recent updates, but yet that's no excuse for no news flash since the end of AUGUST.

I gotta admit though, that with iZombie Season 4 still being filmed, there is not as many updates about David as one may expect.
Nevertheless, we did get to hear some of his singing again not so long ago!
He attended one of David Poe's gigs and shared a bit of the music on his Instagram.
+ David @ David Poe's Gig via Instagram

And as we talk about singing, I can not NOT share this little behind the scenes David shared from iZombie:
+ David as Blaine the Lounge Singer

Nice news for those living in Los Angeles may also be, that

+ David will be attending STANLEECOMICCON coming weekend (28th + 29th of October), together with Rose McIver and and Malcolm Godwin
While Rose will only attend on Saturday, Malcolm and David will attend on Saturday and Sunday.
For more info or buying tickets, photo ops, etc. you might want to check out the official website of the event:
+ Official Web of StanLeeComicCon

I, of course, also updated the "Dates" part of ILFAL with the most important info about the convention!

For people living in EU or in general across the other side of the pond I can only say, I am currently preparing another #GIVEAWAY connected to needed #FollowerPower to try and get David to a Con nearer to us! ;)

More details will be announced on this web and the Twitter account within coming month (November). I promise you won't regret taking part!

Additionally David's good friend Chris Wylde recently shared a new episode of his new show "MIDNIGHT with Chris Wylde" featuring the iZombie cast. If you wanna watch it:
+ Midnight with Chris Wylde - Zombies, Monsters and Sunshine

For the moment I will leave it at this, but I am preparing many more things... just not sure when I can update them all. Sorry #FAnders! ^^°
As usual - Stay tuned though!

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