Welcome to the MeatCute...

Welcome to my little, unofficial fanpage about our all favorite actor and singer,
Mister David Anders.

You probably know him as Julian Sark from Alias, Blaine DeBeers from iZombie or Dr. Whale/Frankenstein from Once Upon A Time
- but are you really sure you know about all the roles he played and projects he was a part of?

I welcome everyone to have a look around and learn about this talented man.

I have to apologize beforehand, that by far not all categories have been finished. (the links not working yet are marked with "Coming Soon"!)
I Lie For A Living is still young (born only 2 weeks ago!) and I will keep constantly working on it, as well as keeping you, dear visitors, updated on all interesting things and facts about David.

If you have critics, comments or something to add - you can always use the comment function here.
I am glad for any feedback or additional information provided!

Please, give this little website a chance to grow.
I promise I have a lot more in stock for you to see soon...

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