BIG Update - Media Part of the Web now Open!

So... it's been a few days since you heard something from me the last time!
Nevertheless, I have not been lazy, but in fact working almost non stop at the website.

Today, I've managed to fill the MEDIA part of the web almost completely.

I've added:
- 9x Icons / Avatars (100x100)

- 2x Wallpapers for your PC (1600x1200 | 1200x1024 | 1024x768)

- Opened up the "Fancorner"

- Added the first Fanart submitted by AFewMint

- Added a Contact Me and a Send in Photos page, for you to submit your own Reports and Artworks

Signatures, more submissions to the Fancorner and other stuff is still to come within the next days!

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