Petition for a Musical Episode of iZombie for Season 4

It has long been discussed and mentioned, but I finally thought nothing will happen if we Fans of the CW hit series iZombie don't make it happen

A Musical Episode for Season 4!

I've set up a petition and would GREATLY appreciate if all of you fans signed it!
The more we are, the bigger the chances to be heard!

But how do I sign the petition?

1) Click the header picture of this post, or the picture in the navigation saying "Click here to sign the petition" or simply follow

2) Simply add your Name and E-Mail in the application form and click SIGN PETITION!

I know 10.000 signs sounds like a lot, but if we work together we can make our voices be heard and make this happen!
I'll keep spreading the word everywhere possible in the next months and everyone doing so as well is more than welcome! Don't forget to have fun during all this as well! ;)


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