New 4-track EP Release and a gig with The Action Figures Band at WizardWorld

Today I am particularly happy to write this post, as I can reveal that David just released a 4-track EP with some songs of his upcoming album!
The EP was available for purchase at WizardWorld Con in Chicago these days and contains the following 4 songs:

1. Happy Birthday to somebody
2. Above below
3. Strangers
4. Invisible

If I ain’t mistaken, “Strangers” is the only song everyone might have heard before – as David did show a few of his works for a limited time on Soundcloud a while back. (in case “Strangers” is “Sometimes I talk to Strangers” as the song was called back then)
Personally I had the big pleasure to hear “Happy Birthday to somebody” already 2 years ago at Telford Comic Con and “Invisible” just a few months back at Enchanted2!
I will make sure to review the songs a bit better when I get a hand on them. ;)

I really hope we get an international release or a download later on, at the moment nothing is known about that, but I will share any info that might surface later!
Curious what the CD looks like?

+ EP Cover

+ Instagram Post by David Poe about the release

Additionally David did not only release new songs, but also play some of those with “The Action Figures Band”. Starring: Dan Folger, Jesse Spencer, Adrian Pasdar, Greg Grunberg, James Denton, Brad Savage, Scott Grimes, Jack Coleman and David Anders.
The concert took place yesterday at 9PM and by the feedback I read and the photos and videos I found each attendee had an amazing time – and so did this particularly unique band!
David performed 3 songs: Happy Birthday to somebody, Dumb Dumb and American Girl.

+ The Action Figures Band on Twitter

+ The Action Figrues Band on Instagram

+ David Anders post after the rehearsal

+ Setlist

+ Some really great Photos from the gig

+ Short Snippet from the gig

+ Short Snippet from the gig 2

As soon as there is more news and more photos or maybe more videos of the gig surface
I will share them here!

As always make sure to also follow @ILFAL_COM on Twitter for daily news
and even more info about David!

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